According to the law 2/1974 of Professional Colleges, consolidated text of 7/7/2012 confirms the Sentence of Constitutional Court SCC63/2013 of 14th of February, in the appeal of unconstitutionality 1022-2004 to practice the regulated profession as is the case of the Aeronautical Technical Engineer, it is mandatory to be in a collegiate situation.

Query the sentences of the Supreme Court (Collegiate Mandatory) in the section «Press Releases».
As indispensable requirements to become a member of the College is it necessary to show the title of Degree in Aeroespace Engineer and Technical Aeronautical Engineer or a foreign equivalent title duly confirmed in confirmity with the spanish legislation.

If you become a member of College in the first year of graduating in Aerospace Engineering you are exempt from fee one YEAR




Manage the cancellation as a member or associate by selecting the link corresponding below:


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The College will issue some certificates with additional cost


The complaint and appeals procedures may be interpose in case of conflict between consumer or user and one collegiate member or the professional school:

Download the model of requesting complaints and claims here


The purpose of the Single Window of the Service Board of Directors is to provide, to any provider of one member State of the European Union, the needed information for the access and course of the activities and services thus the possibility of carrying out the necessary procedures faced with the distance competent authority. The window also offer information for other recipients of this services, in relation with the protection of their rights.


For course one activity in Spain, the recipients of the service must carry out different procedures faced with the different authorities in the three State administrations. Get to find a complete information, clear and easily accessible about the needed requirements or about the in which the required procedures must be carried out is the aim of the Window of the Services Board of Directors.


The existence of the window does not alter in any case the competence of the organ that is processing, simply is a consult point in which providers and recipients will be able to obtain by electronic mean, the following information:

  • The means and access conditions to the registers and public data base related with the recipients and the services.
  • The claims and appeals procedures which will be able to interpose in case of law suit between the competent authorities and the provider or recipients, or between one provider and one recipient or between providers.
  • The data of associations or different organization of the competent authorities to which  providers or recipients can come in for obtain assistance
  • At the same time the window should supply to any provider of one service, Spanish or from other Member State, the needed support for carry out the procedures by electronic means and from afar, in the presence of the competent authority
  • It must be unique from provider’s point of view, so that from one point he can have access to all procedures related to the access and practise of his services activity.
  • All procedures and proceedings have to be made electronically and remotely through the single window
  • In the single window also it should be possible to obtain all those licenses and authorizations necessary for the access and exercise of the activity
  • Inform about the different lawsuit and claims procedures
  • Inform of other different organisms from competent authorities that can give assistance to the service providers or to the recipient
  • Accessible and multi language
  • Have connection with others websites or corporate windows and offer functionalities to these ones.
  • Have a physical Windows Network of processing and support
  • Have an attention and assistance centre

The window is one consulting point that requires of the cooperation of the General Administration of State, Autonomous Communities, Local Entities and other competent authorities.His functioning and updating depends on co-responsibility of all involved.