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The objective of this Industrial Research Exchange Program is to give support to the development of guidance solutions based on (on-line) convex optimization techniques. The scope is to contribute to a mathematical framework for the systematic implementation, analysis, and design of convex optimization algorithms, and demonstrate these on a practical and challenging benchmark problem. The selected candidate will be carrying out the following tasks:
• Perform a survey on guidance and (convex) optimization problems
• Implement and investigate the benchmark problem derived from real-life mission cases at SENER
• Particularization and convexification of selected problem
• Analysis, selection, and implementation of the algorithms
• Simulation and analysis of the results
• Contribute to the development of tools and facilities


– Currently PhD Candidate in: Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering or Mechanical Engineering
– Stroung background in Convex and non-convex Optimization, 6 DOF Dynamics, Linear algebra, differential equations
– Proven attendance on a course on convex optimization
– Strong programming skills (Matlab-Simulink and / or Python).
– Familiarity with cvxgen

Sener Aeroespacial offers:

– Internships of estimated duration of 6 months with the possibility of continuing in the company
– Expenses coverage of 950 eur/mes
– Integration in a multidisciplinary and dynamic team, highly qualified, participating in innovative national and international projects and programs; looking for technological excellence.
– Professional development adapted to you, so that you achieve the goals you set for yourself by assuming new challenges together with our excellent team of people who contribute, every day, to our success with their effort and commitment.
– Continuous technical training, in skills and languages; with access to interactive English learning platform of the EF (Education First) language company and to our online training classroom Pharos, which is part of the SENER Aerospace corporate university.
Sener Aeroespacial is an equal opportunity employer.
If you feel identified, we will wait for you… at SENER Aeroespacial we want to go as far as you want to go!

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