As indispensable requirement to be able to become a member of College is necessary to show the title of Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Technical Aeronautical Engineer or a foreign equivalent title duly confirmed in conformity with the Spanish legislation

According to the law 2/1974 of Professional Colleges, consolidated text of 7/7/2012 confirms the Sentence of Constitutional Court SCC63/2013 of 14th of February, in the appeal of unconstitutionality 1022-2004 to practice the regulated profession as is the case of the Aeronautical Technical Engineer, it is mandatory to be in a collegiate situation.

Query the sentences of the Supreme Court (Collegiate Mandatory) in the section “Press Releases


If you become a member of College in the first year of graduating in Aerospace Engineering you are exempt from fee one YEAR

If you want to request your registration through this website you will have to download and fill out the application forms for membership located in the bottom «enrollment paysheet». Once filled send it to

Contact with us by mail ( and the Secretariat of the COITAE, at the time of your reception, will contact with you for give the necessary indications about the documentation you must provide to register as a new collegiate member.


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